No more Rumbling…

All good things must come to an end, but this time it’s the thing we created and loved. Rumble is closing its doors.

It is sad, but we’re all excited about opening a brand new chapter in our lives and careers. Rumble gave us an amazing opportunity to work with some of the most talented and wonderful people in the industry. We are proud of the culture we created, the work we made, the friends we found and the careers that were built at Rumble.


What’s next for us?


Fritzi Nicolaus is leaving production to work in the health industry between the UK, US and Germany (jumping on the client side for a change). After years of success in producing live-action, animation and post (including a BAFTA nomination for her first producing title), she decided to go back to business development and take on a new challenge.

Reza Dolatabadi – while running Rumble, Reza has never had enough time to spend on his directing work. He is going to focus his energy on serving his hunger for creativity, working as a director again in collaboration with creative friends as well as revisiting some of his unfinished projects which need love. Here is the home for his future work. 

Franzi Nicolaus cut her teeth at Rumble when she joined over two years ago and has since produced some of our best work. She will now be working as a freelance producer in live action and is also branching out into animation and VR. You can contact Franzi here.

Daisy Costello – who famously produced an advert and reproduced a little human on the same day while heading up our Rumble branch in Scotland – is continuing to figure out that elusive work/life balance as she carries on producing and script editing ads, drama and films. You can reach Daisy here.

Our wonderful directors Jonnie Malachi, Kirkland & Rafalat, Mark Pellington, Qian Shi, Reza Dolatabadi and Richard Paris Wilson are available and up for grabs. Feel free to get in touch with them directly or contact us for an intro.

Importantly though, we feel it has to be said that our decision was not only personal but also business-related.  In the current ‘race to the bottom’, created by the unregulated culture of undercutting, ever shrinking budgets and the rise of in-house production, we had to make the hard but right decision to close Rumble.  Many of our esteemed colleagues in the industry seem to share this sentiment of current times.

We’d like to genuinely thank all the lovely folks who in one way or another have worked with us over the past four years. It’s been an awesome journey and we relish every minute of it.  Above all, the four of us will miss working together, it really has been an incredible ride!


Need closure?
Stay tuned for the Rumble Funeral Drinks – we’ll announce the date soon!

Peace Out,
The Rumblers x