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No more Rumbling…

All good things must come to an end, but this time it’s the thing we created and loved. Rumble is closing its doors. It is sad, but we’re all excited about opening a brand new chapter in our lives and careers. Rumble gave us an amazing opportunity to work with some of the most talented and wonderful people in the industry. We are proud of the culture we created, […]

1984 Confessions – Directed by Jonnie Malachi

  Check out this experimental art installation film made for the Malice Arts: 1984 – A Neon Dystopia event.  From the director: The film is based on the confessions from Orwell’s 1984…it played out on a giant screen at a club night and in a soundproofed room. Almost everyone who features in the film was a […]

The Weaver – Qian Shi’s Debut Book

We’re excited to share our Qian Shi’s debut children’s book “The Weaver”. Qian had the inspiration when she saw a leave stuck to a spiders web and decided to turn it into a story.  The heartwarming and beautifully illustrated book was Qian’s personal passion project before finding Andersen Press, an intimate and boutique publisher part […]


What would you save from a burning building?   Mark Pellington’s 8th feature Nostalgia, written by Alex Ross Perry premiered at Palm Springs Film Festival and will hit US cinemas in February. With an exceptional cast, the film tells the story of how we experience love and loss and  “explores our relationships to the objects, […]

Channel 4 Random Acts ‘City Mirrors’ – Directed by Kate Cox

  Check out our latest for the Random Acts Big Dance India Series. This year, the series is part of UK/India 2017 – a cultural exchange year between India and Britain. Director Kate Cox merges the two cultures together and explores how the architecture we live in shapes and moulds our movements with a wonderful […]

Signing Alert: Jonnie Malachi is here to Rumble!

We are super excited to welcome the comedy writer and director Jonnie Malachi to our roster. Jonnie cut his teeth as a feature and music video director with over 30 music videos. Recently he collaborated with Mark Denton on a series of commercials for and Air Wick’s V.I.Poo for which he also solo directed several […]

Rumble Welcomes Mark Pellington to the family

. Rumble is endlessly excited to welcome the legendary director Mark Pellington to the family. The signing is the result of a successful collaboration on the UK shoot of Pellington’s latest branded content film for Aston Martin featuring American football star Tom Brady and Aston Martin’s Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman. Pellington’s distinct approach is marked by a […]

Kirkland & Rafalat direct Toyota ‘Safe & Sound’ – App commercial

Kirkland & Rafalat direct the Toyota’s ‘Safe & Sound’ – App commercial. From the directors: “We had the pleasure of working with the creatives at Saatchi & Saatchi to create these fun commercials about an important app that every parent of learner drivers should use. Nothing brings out safety in young drivers like the threat […]

Malice Arts

  Experimental Art Installation film made for the Malice Arts: 1984 – A Neon Dystopia event.  Director’s Statement: The film is based on the confessions from Orwell’s 1984…it played out on a giant screen at a club night and in a soundproofed room. Almost everyone who features in the film was a non-actor, and needed to […]

Placebo – Life’s What You Make It

Latest music video for Placebo ‘Life’s What You Make It’ directed by Sasha Rainbow. Stunningly shot by Pau Castejón Úbeda, the video tells the story of life at Agbogbloshie in Ghana, one of the world’s largest e-waste dumps.   CREDITS: Director: SASHA RAINBOW   Executive Producer: FRITZI NICOLAUS   Producer: ALASDAIR MITCHELL Director of Photography: […]

Wild Beasts ‘Alpha Female’

Sasha Rainbow drops the latest Wild Beasts music video ‘Alpha Female’. The video, shot in Bangalore, India, portrays the new generation of girls empowering themselves through skateboarding. “Alpha Female” is acting as the perfect soundtrack to the growing culture that embraces girl power in a male dominated society. The video premiered on Dazed – check it out […]

Pret’s Different Christmas Campaign – Directed by Matthew Barton

Matthew Barton directs a different kind of Christmas Campaign for Pret A Manger about Pret’s Apprenticeship Scheme for the homeless and the company’s strong focus on corporate responsibility. Over 8 months, Matthew followed three apprentices from their first day at work until their successful graduation. Find out more about the campaign here.   CREDITS Director:  MATTHEW BARTON   Producer:  FRITZI […]

The Macallan ‘DOUBLE CASK GUITAR’ Dir. by David Higgs

Phillipe Dubreuille made some of the most stunning guitars for some of the most famous rock stars in history. Now he teamed up with The Macallan and crafted a series of limited edition guitars for their freshly launched Double Cask Whisky – and they’re are made from The Macallan whisky casks. Directed by David Higgs. […]


Watch out for the latest addition to our live action roster, the awesome director and writer duo Alex Kirkland & Robert Rafalat. Kirkland & Rafalat recently collaborated with us on ‘The Prince of Denmark’ as part of the British Council funded Shakespeare Lives series and featured in The Guardian. Always on the humorous side, they create […]

David Higgs directs Black Cow, ‘Who Are They?’

“Accrington Stanley, who are they!?” We were approached by The Romans to recreate this legendary 1980s Accrington Stanley milk ad frame by frame – same actor, same everything. Except now, Carl Rice is grown up and drinks Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka. In order to remake it as closely to the original as possible, We used 35mm […]

Kirkland & Rafalat direct ‘The Prince of Denmark’

“To see or not to see, that is the question” Here is the latest by the uber talented comedy duo, Alex Kirkland and Robert Rafalat.  “The Prince of Denmark” is part of the British Council ‘Shakespeare Lives’ Series. In this comical take on Shakespeare’s tragedy,  Hamlet freshly returns from uni and discovers that something isn’t quite right at […]

‘Sulphur Spring’ for Channel 4 ‘Random Acts’

A mystical and strange dance film directed by Oscar Oldershaw and Joe Campbell and commissioned by Channel 4’s Random Acts series.  From The Directors: ” ‘Sulphur Spring’ depicts a seasonal ritual that goes awry among Iceland’s sulphuric geysers. It’s a dance film about illness and the limits of physical ability. The lead performer has suffered from Parkinson’s disease […]

OUT NOW: Bob Marley feat. LVNDSCAPE & Bolier ‘Is This Love’

Check out David Higgs’ Director’s Cut for his latest music video ‘Is This Love’ by Bob Marley featuring LVNDSCAPE & Bolier. Shot in the favelas of Rio De Janeiro, ‘This Is Love’ is an uplifting coming of age story, following the journey of a young man’s first encounter with love during the construction of the […]


      CREW Producer ALASDAIR MITCHELL Executive Producer FRITZI NICOLAUS Cinematography NICHOLAS ERIKSSON Editor DAVID HIGGS Production Coordinator FRANZI NICOLAUS 1st Assistant Director BARBARA NANNA 2nd Assistant Director ANDREA FACHINETTI Choreography DAISY SMITH 1st Assistant Camera ANDREW BRADLEY 2nd Assistant Camera JULIAN SHARMA Camera Trainee CATALINA VELEZ Makeup Artist LORENA CARMONA Runner HARRY PROSSER […]

OUT NOW: Cassy ‘Back’

  I’ve noticed the kind of film, book or in general art that I enjoy most are the ones stay with you after you finish watching them, reading them or when walk out of the gallery. The kind that pushes its audience to think because they are required to project their own imagination back into […]